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Electronic Bugs. ElectronicBugs.com has information and links on different bug related devices. Some that detect the electronic bugs and some that listen-in and spy. Surveillance equipment, hidden cameras, clock radio camera, RF detectors and more.

Introduction to electronic bugs

Electronic Bugs

This is an information site about electronic devices with reviews of some popular electronic equipment and examples of current devices for sale online with access to other sources of spy and counter surveillance material.

It is not a debate about the issues of privacy or the growth of "big brother watching" - if you are concerned about this and want to read further, then please go to :ECHELON: NSA's Global Electronic Interception - some facts about electronic bugs and big brother watching. www.jya.com

The law
You will need to be aware of the laws of your country and know what you can and cannot do - an example of this can be found at : New South Wales, Australia Parliament - information about the law on listening devices and other forms of surveillance: issues and proposals for reform. www.parliament.nsw.gov.au

Please bear in mind the severe penalties for breaking the law and be mindful of your responsibilities.

Final warning on use of electronic bugs
Products may not be used to violate the privacy rights of others, or to access or intercept electronic communications in violation of wiretap statutes. Phone tapping and eavesdropping using electronic bugs is illegal in certain countries and states. It is the responsibility of the purchaser or user of such equipment to ensure that conversations are only recorded in accordance with the law of the jurisdiction where the equipment is utilized. IT IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER TO CONSULT LEGAL COUNSEL FOR THE INTERPRETATION OF ANY LAWS APPLICABLE TO THE AREA OF INTENDED USE OF THESE ELECTRONIC BUGS.

Surveillance EquipmentSurveillance Equipment - The surveillance equipment page features practical solutions for your home with examples of different surveillance equipment which can be used and access to suppliers.

Voice ChangersVoice Changers - The voice changers page gives technical details on how they work and features top of the range voice changers and phone pretenders which produce other sounds.

Spy ShopSpy Shop - The spy shop page reviews some of the most popular online spy shop stores listing their specialities and range of goods with access to their shopping store.

Spy StuffSpy Stuff - The spy stuff page reviews four websites which contain serious and non-serious related spy materials and devices such as kids spy related gadgets, stupid practical spy joke stuff and free games downloads on spy stuff.

Bug DetectorBug Detector - The bug detector page is an introduction to counter espionage measures and includes information on RF detectors and telephone bug deactivators with access to bug detector suppliers.

WiretappingWiretapping - The wiretapping page give information about a simple wiretap method using hard wiring or RF bugs demonstrating how it works and where to read more on wiretapping.

Hidden CamerasHidden Cameras - The hidden cameras page gives general and technical information about covert hidden cameras with price comparisons and access to suppliers.

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